new revlon finds


these two products are so new, they aren’t appearing at on their website, but i did find them at ulta and have seen them at target.

the first is an amazing lid, line and lash combo in topaz twinkle. you don’t need to use a primer, because it’s built in. it gives a very metallic finish with a glittery small brush that you can use as a liner on top. i love the consistency of this eye shadow — it’s very creamy and opaque, without looking chunky from the glitter.

the second thing i found new from revlon is their ultra hd lip lacquer — it has a unique brush instead of wand an it isn’t sticky at all. i love the fact that the color is so bold for a gloss! it has great staying power as well.

they both average for about $7. hope you will try them and let me know what you think.

beauty always, erin

marc jacobs – nail lacquer & mascara

you all know that i’m a sucker for all things nail polish, so when my friend, cyndi, recommended that i try marc jacobs new nail lacquer, i was ON it.

first thing you notice is the amazing packaging, right? super sleek and gorgeous. jacobs never disappoints. this stuff is the real deal. super slick and opaque. not streaky, and technically, you could get away with only one coat, but i put on two, because i’m greedy like that!


however, you have to pay for this high end goodness. it comes in at $18 a bottle, but i am hooked and will be getting more. still cheaper than a manicure at a salon!

i picked this up in “stone jungle” which is a high sheen, metallic silver.

next on my marc jacobs blog is their amazing mascara. i got this smaller sample size with my 100 points at sephora.

they should call this falsies, because when i put a few coats of this on, it looks like i have false lashes on. yes, it is THAT good. it isn’t overly wet or too dry – it is right in between and it has a bushy, traditional brush. LOVE.

the full size product is $26, which is actually not too bad.

definitely try out these products, and let me know what you think.

beauty always, erin

jo malone london – wood sage & sea salt luncheon

IMG_7853 IMG_7854


champagne, jo malone and great company – what’s not to love? i had a wonderful time at the jo malone london’s luncheon today to celebrate their new fragrance – wood sage and sea salt.

i was joined by a handful of lovely ladies to learn about the inspirations for several scents.

if you’ve followed my blog for a bit, you know that i’m a total jo malone junkie. their fragrances are wonderful by themselves or layered together.

i feel like this woody new scent lends itself very well to being my new favorite fall scent. like many of their perfumes, this unisex product wood be perfect for a man or a woman.

i like that for the perfumes – the price range is flexible from $60 – $120, so you can pick up a few to try or get a big one of your favorite. i also picked up the pomegranate noir bath oil – a luxurious non-greasy oil that is multifaceted. it can be used on your hair, in the shower, or after your shower for a moisturizer.

our closest jo malone is a neiman’s at lenox mall. tim or beth are my favorite’s who are always so helpful and take great care of me. i encourage you to take a second to experience the amazing….jo malone.

beauty always, erin



i was SO excited to get this lipstick after hearing about it on many beauty vlogs. i hate to say it, but it was a super disappointment. for $32, i basically got a glorified lip balm. it promised a “bitten” tint, but instead looks like a slushy purple.

it’s actually so bad, that i’m going to return it. my lips feel greasy and gross. i’m so sad that my first givenchy lipstick was such a let down.

but enough bitching for me.

beauty always, erin

urban decay 24/7 eyeliners

ud-gel liners



if you’ve been reading my blog, by this time, you know that i love all things urban decay and their eyeliners are no exception. these super creamy, highly pigmented eyeliners are hands down my favorite go-to for that amazing pop of color. another plus is that they are waterproof and totally smudge proof. once you apply these, they stay ALL day. 

what i really love about their colors is that if they are metallic or glittery, they totally represent that finish. their glittery ones are not chunky or drying. they go on very smooth.

i’m featuring the following colors:

black velvet – this is very dark and has a matte, charcoal finish

freak – one of my favs, this is a bright lime green

abyss – a bold, royal blue

delinquent – a glittery, deep purple

junkie – another fav, an emerald green

so – after all this raving, you should know that these liners come with a little bit of a price tag attached. they are $20. so, definitely a high end purchase, but they are very long lasting and totally worth the extra buck!

let me know if you’ve tried them and what your fav colors are.

beauty always, erin


may favorites









i have a handful of may favorites to share with you. i know that lalicious has made it onto my monthly favorites in the past, but it’s so amazing, i have to talk about it again. sugar kiss “extraordinary whipped sugar scrub” smells like straight up pink sugar. it is so sweet and delish and super moisturizing and exfoliating. this definitely has some grit to it, so if you like a nice scrubby scrub, you will totally dig this. it is a little pricey, but worth every penny.

my next fav this month was a total surprise to me. i picked it up at ulta for a whopping $5!!! and i’ve been reaching for it all month. you know i love my high end mascara’s, but this baby gives my lashes that fabulous doe-eyed, wispy look. i am still shocked that it is only $5. what?!

i guess i have a mix of bargain and high end favs thismonth and the next one definitely fits in high end, but it still somewhat reasonable. “high brow” eye brow highlighting pencil by benefit is the perfect blend of creamy and bright to amp your brows.

ok, so this next product gets me tons of compliments everytime i wear it. it is super glam and not for the eye shadow shy peeps out there. it gives some serious glittery, but not in a hooker kinda way. it is stila’s magnificent metals shadow in “kitten.” this champagne-y shade is perfect for pairing with a bold colored liner (see next!) i loooove the way this looks like foil on the lids! the only kinda negative thing about it – is that it is super pricey at $32!

and last but not least is a sephora branded product called jumbo liner in peacock shimmer. it claims to last 12 hours and i can tell you that it lasts more than that. i have to soak my eyelid in makeup remove to get this off at the end of the day. it pairs really well with the stila kitten shadow. it is super bold and bright!

i hope you’ve enjoyed my favorites blog. let me know if you’ve tried any of these and what you think!